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Variable Cold Runner Block - Variable CRB

For expand options of using the CRB, especially for less piece projects, our company has innovated the CRB and originated new variable CRB, which will replacing several independent CRB with fixed spacing of the nozzles. Thanks to this variability, its possible to reset the nozzle spacing over a given radius to a completely different dimension compliant with another mould or another project.

The use of Variable CRB for injections mould keeps properties of classic CRB with the possibility to adjust the nozzle for another type mould. Variable CRB reduced costs of material and unit cost several CRB with fixed spacing of the nozzles. The higher productivity is primarily for less piece projects, on the press change only form, instead all assembly form + CRB.

Number of nozzles can be use in different variants:

  • 2x nozzle
  • 4x nozzle

The advantages of the Cold Runner Block

  • The possibility to adjust the nozzle, using pinions and toothed ridges / template.
  • The possibility injections into different parts of the mould, each nozzle may have a different position.
  • The possibility of water or oil temper in one or more zones.
  • The possibility of the heating and regulation of the heating desk in one or more zones.
  • The milled reservoir in the heating desk enables the high flexibility of the heating elements shapes of heating spirals. The easy cartridge disassembly in case of damage.
  • The low total height of the whole CRB.
  • The possibility of stop of individual nozzles when cleaning.
  • The possibility to take off the nozzle closing in the case of the accidental damage.
  • Cushioning ending of the nozzle guarantees good thrust to the form

You can see some real photos Variable CRB below.