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Tool room

Our production is based on the modern technologies and the long-standing experiences of our workers in the co-operation with the final suppliers.

We can offer the production of:

  • prototypes, sample and series formsw and preparatories – rubber + plastic material
  • exact measuring and assembling preparatories
  • cutting and processual tools for the metal pressing
  • cold blocks for the rubber parts forms
  • we offer the repairs, adjustements and the production of the spare parts to the above mentioned points

Machinery equipment:

  • CNC lathe up to 64HRc
  • CNC lathing of the small series
  • CNC milling
  • CNC grinding of cutting and forming tools
  • Round grinding
  • Electro-erosive cutting

At the moment we are able fo produce parts upto 1000x2000 mm with the weight up to
2 000 kg.