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BSK – blok studených kanálů

We would like to introduce and offer the newly developed Cold feed system (BOD) of the second generation.

The use of BOD for the injections forms enables the lower usage of the spraying mix, some parts of forms need not to be cleaned and this means the higher productivity and the lower costs.

The first prototype, 12-nozzles BOD has been already produced and installed with one of our customers. The startup of 2nd generation BOD into the non-stop operation started in the beginning of this year and goes there without any problem.

BOD is constructed so that it enables to be adapted for your injections forms.

The advantages of the Cold feed system

  • The possibility of water or oil temperation in one or more zones
  • The high capacity and the long life of the temperation circuit (large average of BOD)
  • The possitlity of the heating and regulation of the heating desk in one or three zones
  • The milled reservoir in the heating desk enables the high flexibility of the heating elements shapes and the shapes of heating spirals. The easy cartridge disassambly in case of damage
  • The low total height of the whole BOD
  • The small dimension of the iced nozzle (can be placed close each other)
  • The possibility of stop of the individual nozzles when cleaning BOD
  • The possibility to také off the nozzle closing in the case of the accidental damage
  • cushioning ending of the nozzle guarantees good thrust to the form

Below you can find a few real photos of the installed BOD in the operation.